The Red Work courses are based on, and rooted in Frater Rufus Opus’ Red Work courses, of which I am a graduate, and one of only three “Frater RO Authorized” instructors. While fundamentally the same as what Frater RO designed and taught, the method of delivery is slightly different (hopefully improved), and my own experience and insights (such as they are) have been included as I work towards making this material my own. As Frater RO taught “his version” of Trithemius, so too do I teach “my version” of Frater Rufus Opus.

The Red Work series of Courses is designed to take a practitioner through the stages of the esoteric Alchemical Great Work as performed by a Hermetic magician. Each Phase of the Work concentrates on specific aspects of initiation and integration, as well as practical applications of the Work.

Alchemists long ago separated the Great Work into  four phases, the Black Work, the White Work, the Green Work, and the Red Work. The colors were the colors the Philosopher’s Stone turned at various stages of its development. During the Black Work, the impurities rose to the surface and were charred black. Under the proper circumstances, the Stone would then turn White, then pass through “Green” (the myriad of hues of a peacock’s feather) on its way towards the Red stage, when the Stone was complete.

This series of courses outlines the praxis for the accomplishment of the first three phases. The Red Work itself is the individual’s doing of the Great Work, and thus cannot be taught – however, once you have completed the first three stages, you will not need to be taught how to undergo the Red Work, as you will already be doing it.

The Black Work

The Black Work lays the basic foundation of this series of courses. The overall structure and cosmology that forms the framework of this system is reviewed and long term and short-term goals are established.

The Student learns the basic conjuration formula used throughout the course, and begins integrating initiatory forces into their sphere of influence, and learns to deal with the issues that arise as one pursues the Great Work. Gently.

The White Work

This course begins with the attainment of the Supernatural Assistant. It can be an arduous and long process, or it can take a couple of weeks, depending on the Student’s level of attainment and experience in conjuring spirits. Those who have completed the course work of the Black Work should be properly prepared to acquire the Supernatural Assistant without too much hardship.

The course provides an overview of the role of the Supernatural Assistant, and explores the relationship between the magician and the Assistant. This relationship has two branches, the strictly practical and the purely theurgical, and the intricate web of connections between.

The Chain of Manifestation is reviewed, and introductions to the Seven Flames before the Throne are arranged. Relationships with the Elementals are again touched upon, this time with firmer relationships with the Four Princes are established.

The Green Work Course

This course provides the student with the knowledge and techniques necessary to achieve initiation into the Seven Planetary Heavens using conjuration, pathworking, and dream work to attain and integrate the powers and forces of these spheres.